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Naseem Khuri- Kingsley Flood

Naseem Khuri reveals the inner battles he faces as a musician and a Palestinian-American, the feeling on stage when Kingsley Flood songs reach absolute chaos, the promise of being the next great American band. And how, even with their success, Khuri still deals with imposter syndrome.


Lisa Bastoni reclaims her musical identify after a decade away, a path repeatedly influenced by Bob Dylan, busking on subway platforms, recording an exceptional breakout album, balancing motherhood, and the mysteries of her late-grandmother’s half written songs.


David Bromberg shares his musical history from jamming with Jerry Garcia in a tent at Woodstock to calming 600,000 angry concert goers at the Isle of Wight, of recording with three Beatles and turning down John Lennon twice, plus a recent phone call from Bob Dylan.


Lucy Wainwright Roche shares her unique path growing up in a famous musical family, how she's developing the discipline to write and why the road brings out the heartache in her songs, plus a quirky connection she had with a radio psychologist.


Marc Cohn relives his career-changing trip to Memphis and the days writing his breathtaking debut album, candidly reflects on the long breaks in his music, and as a shooting victim, considers his unique voice in the wake of the Florida school shootings.


Chris Wood shares his musical journey from Medeski, Martin & Wood to The Wood Brothers, building an audience, confronting expectations of success, and reaching critical acclaim, plus his philosophy on songwriting leaving us hanging with unanswered questions.


John Lodge pulls back the curtain on musical history, from a boy fascinated with Buddy Holly to playing bass for the legendary Moody Blues to his latest solo work. Plus his advice to all musicians and the long-awaited call from the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. 

CRAIG FINN of "The Hold steady"

Craig Finn shares how music opened his world, going from nerd to “cool kid” to pioneering two bands with urgent lyrics and driving guitars. Plus the strategy of releasing 4 albums in 5 years, feeling scared when he went solo, and the future for The Hold Steady.


Alejandro Escovedo opens up about heartache, death & elusive love, racism in music, and the mystery of songwriting. Plus an amazing “last supper” alongside the immortals Townes Van Zandt and Rick Danko and a come-to-Jesus with his own therapist. (Some language may offend some listeners)


Jerry Douglas joins us in Washington Square Park and reveals going from being a 5 year old with a squeaky voice to winning 14 Grammys mastering the dobro. And along the way, becoming one of the most recorded musicians ever.


Amy Helm welcomes us into Levon Helm Studios in Woodstock, NY and lets us in on some terrifying musical lessons, the struggle to grieve privately for her Dad while the public was holding tributes, and the challenges and rewards of covering hit songs by her parents, Levon Helm and Libby Titus. 

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By day, Ted's an award-winning journalist. By night, he's close to the stage. Together, he brings his curiosity into conversations with musicians who have shaped our life and inspire our future.


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